Met Council continued its annual tradition of providing kosher for Passover food to the poor and near-poor throughout New York City.  This year, Met Council distributed approximately 1.8 million pounds of kosher for Passover food through 116 sites, providing food to over 179,000 people or 30,000 households.  The citywide distribution enabled thousands of families to celebrate the holiday, with dignity and joy.

The orchestration of the distribution took months of preparation, with the goal of serving as many people as possible.  We understand the financial challenges our clients and others face at this holiday. With the help of our partners in government, private donors, religious leaders, local Jewish Community Councils and volunteers, we were able to work towards meeting this need, in each community throughout the city.

This massive effort was not only our mission, but our obligation, to ensure that the most vulnerable New Yorkers, no matter their circumstances, have access to kosher for Passover food, and kosher food year round.   Our gratitude to those who helped makes this distribution a success, and who support our commitment to helping those less fortunate.



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