Met Council Hosts Chanukah Party for Survivors of Domestic Violence

dreidelOn December 19, Met Council hosted a festive Chanukah celebration for survivors of domestic violence and their families, in Boro Park Brooklyn. For over eight years, Met Council has hosted this annual event, bringing families together to share the holiday season and celebrate.

“Chanukah should be a joyous holiday” said Shoshannah D. Frydman, PhD., LCSW, Clinical Director, Family Violence & Social Services. “All families should have an opportunity to have fun. We want to enable our clients and their families to share this special time in a festive atmosphere. Because of their difficult circumstances, often our families don’t have others to celebrate with or even a budget for ‘fun.’ Our hope is that this event provided that opportunity to enjoy an evening together, celebrate with others, and simply enjoy.”

Fifteen families, with over 45 individuals, enjoyed a delicious dinner of holiday treats including latkes, soufganiyot (traditional jelly donuts), and a kosher dinner at Spoons Kosher Restaurant in Boro Park, Brooklyn. Families celebrated with other families and shared a sense of camaraderie and unity, while children played with each other. Throughout the evening, they enjoyed various Chanukah activities, including crafts, dreidel spinning, music, and an onsite professional photographer took and printed family portraits to commemorate the special evening. Each family received a fun-filled Chanukah themed gift bag with gifts for the children.

After the event, one mother shared her thoughts with her social worker saying: “It was nice to spend an evening with others who had the same experience. It’s nice to feel normal.”

We thank the Jewish Community Youth Foundation of Princeton Mercer Bucks Students for funding our Celebrate Initiative, to bring holidays to families in need.


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