Met Council Handymen Help Holocaust Survivor


Frida is an energetic 98-year-old Holocaust survivor. Born in Odessa, she lived in Moldova with her husband when World War II broke out. Frida’s husband immediately enlisted to fight the Nazis, while she fled to the East and enlisted in the Corps of Engineers.  During the war, Frida restored blown-up bridges and building.

Now, Frida lives by herself in an apartment building in Brooklyn.  Financial help from her granddaughter enables Frida to pay her rent and utilities.

Recently, the lighting in her bathroom broke.  After seeing an advertisement for Met Council’s Metropair in the newspaper, Frida called for help.  Immediately a handyman came and repaired the light.

“Now I know that if I have a problem in the future, I can rely on Met Council and Metropair. I don’t know what I would have done without you. G-d bless you all!”

Do you know a low income senior who needs assistance with free home repairs? Call Met Council at 212-453-9543.


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