IMG_1070This past month, Met Council held the first ever SCRIE (Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption)Enroll-A-Thon assisting more than 75 clients enroll into the program and avoid future rent increases. Many of these clients are newly eligible for the benefit because the City and State legislatures recently increased the income qualification threshold from $29,000 to $50,000. During these four events, we educated clients on the new qualifications and helped those who are eligible enroll in the program.

Meeting the needs of our City’s growing senior population is not simple or quick. With more than 21% of seniors living in poverty in New York City, finding and remaining in an affordable and safe home is a major challenge for these New Yorkers.  Raising the income threshold for SCRIE was an important step to help seniors to age in place with dignity in the homes they love.

“As the former administrator of the SCRIE program at the Department of Finance, I know how critically important the program is to keeping tens of thousands of vulnerable seniors in their homes,” said Met Council’s CEO and Executive Director David M. Frankel.  “My goal at Met Council is the same as it was when I was working for the City: all New Yorkers who are eligible for SCRIE receive the benefit.  These enroll-a-thons are a great outreach tool to inform and enroll our clients who are now eligible under the new income threshold and are wonderful examples of how Met Council’s supportive services aid, sustain and empower those in need.”

SCRIE is a program that gives senior renters an exemption from future rent increases on their home, provided they live in a rent-regulated or rent-controlled apartment, have a combined household income of $50,000 or less, and pay more than one-third of their household income on rent.

Effective July 1st, the New York State budget financed an expansion of the program by raising the maximum annual income required for the benefit from $29,000 to $50,000.


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