Passport NYC Camp

Thanksgiving 2011 021Met Council collaborated with Passport NYC to provide meaningful service for campers to help better understand how different methods of volunteering are substantial to the community.

The first event set up the campers with Met Council’s Senior Lunch Program, an on-going volunteer event that has groups serve lunch to seniors at Met Council’s Linda & Jerome Spitzer Residence, an affordable senior housing site. The twenty volunteers served lunch and engaged seniors in lively conversation. The senior residents commended the volunteers on their enthusiasm and dedication. The experienced showed firsthand how interacting with members of the community can positively benefit all those who are involved.

For the second event, twenty campers arrived onsite at Met Council’s office to partake in Fashion Cleanse, an on-going project that has volunteers organize donated clothing by size, season, and gender while also distinguishing the wearable from the non-wearable. The clothing were organized and shelved in Met Council’s clothing closet; a service used to provide clients in need with professional and stylish clothes. In participating in this project, the campers from Passport NYC were able to learn how their efforts helped the community.


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