Met Council Distributed 2.1 Million Pounds of Kosher for Passover Food to 50,000 NYC Families

COJO Bensonhurst Passover food 4.2.14Ahead of Passover, Met Council, the local Jewish Community Councils and dozens of elected government officials distributed 2.1 million pounds of kosher for Passover food and provided $400,000 in Food Cards to allow families to purchase Passover resources  ahead of the holiday to an estimated 50,000 families in need.  These holiday food packages will allow families in every neighborhood in the five boroughs to partake in holiday festivities despite the often prohibitive costs of kosher food.

“For most of us, Passover is a time for festive family seders. But for too many of New York’s Jewish needy, the Festival of Our Freedom is, ironically, just the opposite – yet another painful reminder of the oppression of poverty,” said David M. Frankel, CEO and Executive Director of Met Council.

“In New York City, there are a half a million poor and near poor Jewish New Yorkers who struggle to feed their family every day. The 2.1 million pounds of food we distribute will allow our clients to observe Passover with a traditional and nutritious meal that otherwise would have been price prohibitive; on average a kosher meal is 30% more expensive.”

The food packages included traditional staples, such as matzah, tuna fish, gefilte fish, carrots, potatoes, apple sauce, etc.

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