Councilman Richards and Hot 97 Host Met Council Clients at “Lift Em Up” Party

hot 97 eventOn Thursday, December 12, Councilmen Donovan Richards, HOT 97 and the Hip Hop Has Heart Foundation hosted 60 families from Met Council who were affected by Hurricane Sandy for Hot 97’s Hip Hop Has a Heart “Lift ‘Em Up” annual holiday feast.  Participants were served gourmet food and enjoyed fun entertainment.

 Met Council is very appreciative of Hot 97 and Councilman Richards for including our clients, many of whom still struggle more than a year following the superstorm.   In the fifteen months since Hurricane Sandy destroyed much of the Rockaways, Met Council has been a leader in relief and recovery efforts.   With our 40 year history of helping people in crisis to find immediate relief, long-term self-sufficiency, and comprehensive services, we were well equipped to immediately assist +6,400 news clients with disaster relief and +2,300 Met Council clients with continued services.  Met Council clients continue to receive services for storm related assistance, including: case assistance from FEMA’s Disaster Case Managers and receiving restorative services for their destroyed homes.  In the middle of the second holiday season since Sandy the “Lift Em Up” celebration is an opportunity for New Yorkers to enjoy during this time of rebuilding.

 The festivities included gourmet food provided by celebrity chefs including Chef Pecko, of the Four Seasons Restaurant, Chef Jesse, who has catered for the likes of Jim Jones, Tyler Perry, and Michelle Williams, and HOT 97’s own DJ Camilo, who’s restaurant Blend will be provided one of their signature menu items. Also scheduled is a performance from Singer/Songwriter Sebastian Mikael, whose recent song, “Last Night”, is quickly climbing the R&B charts.

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