Met Council and Food Bank For New York City Launch Passover Virtual Food Drive to Feed Families in Need

vfd_webShop Online and Provide Nutritious Food for Jewish Families

This Passover season, thousands of New Yorkers whose lives were uprooted by Hurricane Sandy will be joining thousands of other New Yorkers who are in danger of going hungry. More Jewish families than ever before are struggling to regain financial control and are unable to afford the high price of kosher food, especially protein, to observe this important holiday.

In response to this growing need, Met Council and Food Bank For New York City, two of New York City’s major hunger-relief organizations, are once again partnering to provide nutritious food to the Jewish community by launching an interactive Virtual Food Drive. This cutting-edge fundraising tool will allow donors to shop for Passover foods and truly make an impact in the lives of those who are in need.

The Virtual Food Drive’s website tool mirrors the experience of grocery shopping, where users can place staple Passover items in a shopping cart to check out and make a secure donation. Thanks to Met Council and the Food Bank’s wholesale purchasing power and efficient distribution models, dollars are stretched to ensure the maximum impact is made through each donation.

Proceeds from the Virtual Food Drive go toward Met Council’s Kosher Food Network. Start shopping now! The food is virtual, but the donation is real.


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