Met Council Client Appears on NY1 to Share her Heartbreaking Story

Devorah__Sarit_on_NY1Sarit Levy was trapped inside her Midland Beach home during the storm with her husband and four children. The family blew up a raft in their home to help them escape. Their youngest child, an infant, was placed inside an open storage bin with blankets to help keep her safe and warm. Their home and all of their belongings were ultimately destroyed.

Sarit was interviewed recently on NY1 with Met Council Social Worker Devorah Weiss and shared her story and confessed that she did not think that she would survive the storm. She and her children are having nightmares and still suffering emotional trauma from the experience. Her children even ask what happens if the water comes to their current apartment and are living in fear of bodies of water.

Met Council and Devorah are helping her and her family to cope with the emotional aftermath through an array of services. Met Council has given her up to $2,000 so that her family can afford to rent an apartment until they figure out their next step in the recovery process.


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