What to Wear and How to Prepare Seminar SUCCESS!

seminar success 1 sept 2012

This past week, Met Council, in partnership with NYLAG and AmeriCorps, had the pleasure to hold our first ever, “What to Wear and How to Prepare” Seminar on September 10th, 11th, and 13th. It was a huge success!

Thanks to designer Mary Bays‘ generous donation of dresses, we were able to provide over 75 women with the additional knowledge, skills, and beautiful new attire to take on their interviews with renewed optimism! 
The 4 AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinators from Met Council and NYLAG with the help of our 15 volunteers, seamlessly pulled off 3 days of seminars, made countless phone calls, packaged and distributed over 75 dresses- all with endless enthusiasm and smiles!
seminar success 2 sept 2012
Our attendees and volunteers were enthralled by our special guest speakers- Kelly Eggers and Alexis Bressler spoke of their experiences interviewing from both sides of the desk; Elliot D. Lasson, Ph.D traveled all the way from Maryland to give his valuable insight to our attendees; and Eve Cantor of Shop Your Closet gave first hand demonstrations of how to dress to impress and make the best from what you have already.
Finally, we cannot thank Mary Bays enough.Without her act of generosity, this event could not have taken place. Because of her kindness and devotion to her community, we were able to engage and empower 75 women. Volunteers like Mary truly warm my heart and I speak for my fellow AmeriCorps and Met Council employees, make our job all the worthwhile and meaningful.
As in the words of our attendees:
Thank you and the volunteers for such an informative and fun event last night.  I sincerely appreciated the valuable job search presentation from Alexis Bressler, the wonderful fun fashion tips from Eva Cantor, and I especially appreciated the stylish dress from Mary Bays…wow!  THANK YOU!  There was a lot of hard work put into this event … and it showed.” – 9/10 client
“I just can’t say enough good things about the whole experience.  I’m definitely more empowered now than I was before I had your help.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new dress, it is GORGEOUS!” – 9/13 client

“Thank you for such a lovely, really inspiring evening.  I’m still smiling.” – 9/13 client


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