Gardening with Simon & Schuster

 June brought us many new volunteers and interns to take care of our projects and departments at Met Council. June also brought us lots of sun! This week, seven volunteers came from Simon & Schuster provided their time, hands, enthusiasm and laughs to our housing site in Fort Green. They removed all the weeds, planted new annuals such as daisies, cosmos, straw-flowers, vinca and zinnias. Some of the volunteers were participants at last year’s gardening and herb planting day, and they were delighted to see how well those plants, roses and strawberries had flourished!The residents were really into it and couldn’t wait to make their own herb planters of chives, oregano and basil. Look closely and you can see the tall basil on the table below that was donated by one of the residents. The day ended successfully with several rounds of bingo and decorating sun-catchers!

June 2012 gardening

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