Greening with Goldman

green may 2012

As the new Volunteer Coordinator for Met Council, I had the pleasure of working my very first volunteer event this week. On Monday, a dedicated group from Goldman Sachs’ Community TeamWorks project got to spend a day out of the office helping to spruce things up at the Linda & Jerome Spitzer Residence.

It was a great day to do some yard work as the beautification project planted herbs and flowers for the seniors to enjoy. The Green initiative continued as we put together a brand new compost bin for use by the seniors in residence as well as constructed an eco-friendly rain water collection bin from scratch. It was hard work but the results were amazing.

After spending the morning working outside, the action moved indoors as we prepared and served lunches for the residents. On the menu were personal pan pizzas made to order! Tomato and basil anyone? The residents were able to sit with each other and enjoy conversation and fellowship as we served them fresh, home-made pizzas hot out of the oven. One resident even remarked to me that she really enjoys these events and tries to make as many as possible because it’s really the only chance she gets to socialize with her neighbors.

Seeing the smiles on the faces of the seniors as they made their way out was a great introduction to the fantastic and rewarding work our dedicated volunteers do and the impact they make on the lives of others. I look forward to seeing many of you out there soon and meeting you in person!

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