A Met Council Success Story

Michael G., a new Met Council Career Services client, recently signed up for all of our Job Readiness Workshops. He walked shyly into our Professional Networking Workshop, which teaches basic skills on how to market oneself to potential employers as well as make relevant connections in social settings. With the help and advice of our volunteers, he walked out of the room confident in his ability to talk to and engage employers.
Indeed, there has not yet been a client who attended our Job Readiness workshops without feeling more confident about their abilities than when they first walk through our doors; regardless of how reluctant they may have been to initially attend, every single client has commented that the workshops helped them tremendously in their job readiness skills.
It is often hard for volunteers to see the fruits of their labor in these programs since they do not see clients apply these skills in real-life situations. That makes itextra special when we get to see the direct benefits of our work. About a week later, Michael called to cancel all future workshop registrations and appointments: he had found a stable high-paying job in the field he specialized in and for a large company! The only appointment he has now is to come in next week and offer a huge thanks.
This kind of a success story is due in large part to the patience, dedication, and caliber of our volunteers, who are executives and professionals in their fields, coming from companies like Google, Wall Street Journal, and CBS.
A big CONGRATULATIONS to Michael and THANKS to all of our volunteers!

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