Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month!

Volunteer of the Month jan 2012

To start off the New Year we’d like to acknowledge May Lai as our Volunteer of the Month! May has been an integral part of our Senior Fitness Program in Brooklyn and her dedication and enthusiasm have brought so much to the program.

May has been living in New York City for three decades, having previously attended high school in Hong Kong and lived in the Dominican Republic. It was her good friend that sent her the link about Met Council’s volunteer opportunities. For almost a year now, she has be the volunteer leader for the Senior Fitness Class at the Carlton Residences in Fort Green. Every Monday morning, for one hour, Mai leads a fitness class for low-income seniors living in this Met Council housing site.

For seniors, staying active is linked directly to staying healthy. May volunteers because she believes that many community projects need the extra help. The most rewarding part, May states, is “self fulfillment and meeting new people. I feel great helping the community!”

We are happy to have her energy and enthusiasm being used in this capacity to keep our seniors active, healthy and most importantly engaged in regular exercise that they enjoy. May, we thank you for your time, patience and commitment to the community as well as its seniors. We are extremely grateful for your dedication!


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