Year in Review

As the year is wrapping up, let’s take a look back at what the Volunteer Department at Met Council has accomplished this year:

In January, volunteers from all over the city teamed up to sort through our donated clothing on MLK day.

One of our favorite volunteers, Monita, taught a cooking class to seniors.

For Passover, Met Council had many volunteer-run food distributions for struggling families.

A new program called the Senior Nutirtion Workshop was started in order to keep our seniors well informed about the food they were eating so that they could make healthy choices!

A senior fitness class was also started to help our seniors stay fit and active!

senior excersize 2011 dec

Lots of things were happening on the career services side too. From resume reviews to mock interviews, and even networking workshops!

Some of our best ongoing programs continued as well, such the Senior Lunch Program, which helps to provide a hot kosher lunch for seniors every week.

The Youth Enrichment Program took off this year, providing children in our temporary homeless shelter with fun and educational activities every week.

And with the warm weather, came many volunteer gardening projects! Almost every seniors home garden at Met Council got a make over!

In the fall we rembered 9/11 by having emergency preparedness workshops at our senior residences.

In the fall we also teamed up with UJA for an event called Care to Share, where volunteers were invited to donate extra food from their farmshares all over New York!

And most recently we had “Growing Together” projects in which multi-generational groups made windowsill herb gardens for the seniors at Met Council!care to share dec 2011

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