A Leader in Job Readiness: Steven Portnoy, Volunteer of the Month

Steven and Claudia Networking

Steven Portnoy has been awarded the honor of being Met Council’s volunteer of the month for October 2011. He has been a dedicated volunteer and volunteer leader for our job readiness programs for the past 6 months. When asked what attracted him to the opportunity his response was that “the opportunity to help others by utilizing skills I have developed over many years to change a life is something that holds a lot of meaning for me.”

As a regular volunteer of our Professional Networking Workshop and volunteer leader for our Resume Review Workshop and Professional Networking Workshop, Steven has always been ready to engage with clients, which is an important part of volunteering with our job readiness programs. “I have tried to impart the knowledge I have gained through my own job hunt (which was ultimately successful) to another and they will in turn hopefully help others,” says Steven.

Without Steven’s presence, personality, reliability, and willingness to help, these workshops would not be as successful as they have been. Met Council is lucky to count Steven as a dedicated volunteer. “I rest easy in knowing at the end of the day, that how however small my contribution might be, I have contributed,” Steven says in response to what he has gotten out of volunteering. Met Council can only hope that he will continue to volunteer and change people’s lives for the better within our lucky community.

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