Our Volunteers Have Talent!

july 2011 talenIt’s always wonderful when a volunteer comes to Met Council to help! But it’s even better when they have a hidden talent! That is just the case with one of our volunteers named Maria.

Maria is currently a senior fitness volunteer at two different Met Council senior homes in Brooklyn. She gives our low-income seniors the care and attention they deserve. At one of our sites she leads a fitness class where seniors can work on their strength and balance with the support of a chair. And very excitingly, at our other site, she leads a Wii Fitness class in which our seniors play and compete in Wii games, and sometimes unknowingly, work on their balance and fitness!

Well, a few times, I’ve caught Maria playing the piano in the community room before our fitness class started. It turns out that she and her husband, Timothy, actually play the piano and sing together. They sing show tunes, and songs from musical films. And when I asked her if she’d be interested in having a music recital at one of our sites she immediately said yes!

This past Sunday, the residents of one of our Brooklyn sites and I had the chance to hear how talented Maria and Timothy were! They sang songs from The Sound of Music, Evita, and even Phantom of the Opera! It was lovely. If you volunteer for Met Council and have any secret talents: don’t keep them a secret! We’d love to have you share them!


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