How to Make the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

cool of fin july 2011Last week, Met Council volunteers learned an important skill that they will treasure for ever – how to make the perfect ice cream sundae!

New York City’s temperatures have been set to boil this July, so our department decided that it was high time for the 3rd annual Cool Off in Julyparty for low income seniors. Every summer, we invite senior residents to escape the heat by coming to the Cool Off in July party – hosted by volunteers – which serves ice cream, fresh fruit, cool beverages.

Below is volunteers’ collective wisdom on how to make the perfect ice cream sundae:

1. Have a healthy selection of ice cream flavors (we chose vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip)

2. Add chocolate sauce to top of three flavors of ice cream

3. Add generous dose of rainbow sprinkles

4. Add fresh fruit like strawberries or cherries

5. Don’t forget the most important ingredient . . .

And so what is the most important ingredient to the Cool Off in July Sundaes? Hint: it isn’t the sprinkles or chocolate sauce. The most important ingredient was the friendly smiles and great conversation volunteers gave senior residents to accompany the ice cream. There’s nothing quite like an ice cream served with a warm smile on a hot summer day!


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