Met Council Honors Dedicated Volunteer

May 2011 VoMMet Council recently recognized longtime volunteer Ami Bar-Tura for his ongoing dedication to the organization. Ami has worked closely with Project Metropair, a program making home visits to people in need of minor home repairs, for more than six years.

“Met Council is a fantastic organization. When you do volunteer work you get rewarded as much as those you serve because it’s really a great feeling to help,” said Ami. “I enjoyed my time very much and I’m happy to have helped.”

Through his work with Project Metropair, Ami was able to help thousands of seniors remain safe and independent in their homes. He was also the recipient of the Met Council 2006 Volunteer of the Year Award.

Ami will be leaving the organization this year to move closer to his family in Israel. “We don’t know what we’ll do without him,” said Val Beloshkurenko, director of Met Council Home Services. “Ami worked nine to five doing all kinds of things. Anything that was asked, he would do.”

Volunteers are an essential part of Met Council programs like Project Metropair (insert link). To learn how you can volunteer, contact….

Photo: (left to right) Ami and his Met Council handyman worker, Sergi.


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