Public Benefits Advocate: Harmon Fields, Volunteer of the Month

Harmon Photo VoMMet Council is proud to announce that Harmon Fields has been selected to be the Volunteer of the Month! After hearing about our agency through AARP, Harmon signed up to become a volunteer for Met Council. Harmon has greatly contributed to our grassroots community outreach campaign about food access and benefits enrollment. He has distributed well over 5,200 pamphlets and posters to various community-based organizations and business throughout lower Manhattan, in an effort to spread the word about a new and easy way to enroll for public benefits, such as food stamps and Medicaid. Harmon is originally from the Bronx and has been a long-time resident of Manhattan. He is currently an attorney but has worked in special education and social work. Harmon is planning on pursuing a new career in foundation work where he can work toward raising and allocating funds for worthy causes and those most in need around the world. “Community organizations, being non-profit, never have enough funds and paid staff to address all the needs of the populations they serve,” said Harmon. “Volunteers serve the important function of providing vital services that otherwise might go by the wayside or might fall short of the neighborhoods’ expectations and needs.” “I was pleased to see that, for the most part, those I spoke with welcomed this new, more efficient way for their communities to get benefits, so the rewarding part was knowing that I was introducing something valuable for these neighborhoods,” added Harmon. Met Council is extremely grateful for Harmon’s dedication, as he has been incredibly helpful in our fight against poverty in New York City!


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