Networking Workshop Kick-Off Event!

networkingHere at Met Council we kicked off our first Networking Workshop on April 6th with great success! The workshop teaches clients how to build their professional network and works on their networking skills. To do this we have created a three parts training process; the first part is a workshop that is led by Met Council staff on how to create a professional network if you don’t have one in place. The second part has each client write a two minute pitch and a thirty second pitch (elevator pitch) which paints a quick picture of someone’s professional experience and their future goals. This helps streamline the message one is giving to others about their professional selves. The third part of the workshop is a mingling session with volunteers. Each of the workshop participants got business cards with their names on them to give out during the mingling sessions; acquiring a business card lets the client know they were successful in their attempt to network. The mingling took place between a group of enthusiastic and professional volunteers and Met Council clients. It went as follows, 20 minutes of mingling/networking then a 10 minute feedback session where volunteers and clients talked about their experience. A second round of mingling and feedback rounded off the workshop. Client feedback was that they really benefited from the workshop and volunteers felt they were able to really make a difference!


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