Met Council’s Debut Sunday Lunch Program at E 61st St.

debut sunday lunch program This past Sunday, Met Council’s E 61st Street housing site had their first Sunday Lunch Program! Similar to 3rd Avenue’s lunch program, volunteers served the residents a catered, hot, kosher meal in the building’s Community Room. At least 20 residents came to enjoy the free food, socialization with neighbors, and company of the Kehilath Jeshurun families who volunteered at the program.

The program was structured to mimic a restaurant atmosphere. In this capacity, the KJ volunteers were assigned various tasks, such as hostess, waiter, bartender, bus boy, salad chef, croudite chef, and server. There were “socializers” as well, who were assigned to different tables to socialize with the residents. The residents were greeted with a friendly welcome, seated at a table, and then waited on by the lovely wait staff.

The residents were incredibly receptive to the volunteers who were there to socialize with them and serve their nutritional needs. Everyone was constantly engaged in conversation, whether the interactions took place between the residents and volunteers or among the residents themselves. The residents especially took great pleasure in seeing the children, whose warm smiles contagiously spread across the face of every resident. What a delight it was to see such a high caliber of energy and excitement shared by all of those who attended this special program.

According to Richard, one of the residents, “the program was a great success!”


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