BlackRock Volunteers with Met Council’s Career Services

Seventeen enthusiastic volunteers from BlackRock came to volunteer with Met Council’s E.H.R (Electronic Health Records) students on a slushy Wednesday night to conduct a Mock Interview Workshop. In the workshop each volunteer administered interviews to two different students. This allowed the student to get feedback on their interviewing styles and resumes from two different interviewers. Each volunteer generously donated money to Met Council which provided dinner for the event.

A pleasant surprise came when BlackRock announced they would be giving a matching donation for all the money donated by their volunteers! Having the use of such skilled volunteers for Met Council’s job readiness programs is essential to the success of these programs. They are only as good as the volunteers staffing them. Students got constructive feedback, not just the usual positive encouragement. It was real world advice on very specific details of their interviewing skills and resume compilation.

Volunteer Feedback

“I think the workshop will be very valuable to the clients. I was able to provide the interviewees with a firsthand look into what it feels like to be auditioning for a job. They appreciated the honest feedback and constructive criticism on their resumes and interviewing skills. The clients comment that they typically have a hard time distinguishing themselves amongst other candidates, so I assisted with that.”

“I think the workshop was great as the participants seemed very excited about the opportunity. It’s no secret that the economy is in recovery and jobs can be scarce so this sort of program is much needed. I thought the individuals I interviewed conveyed a lot of enthusiasm and were fully committed to the program.”

Client Feedback

“I found the sessions very helpful. Pointers were given on how to improve my resume and several interviews tips. Both of my interviewers were very competent. Thanks very much for the opportunity.”

“Very informative; it was an excellent opportunity to explore my strengths and weaknesses. It was a positive experience. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to do this exercise. I went into the first interview feeling apprehensive. By the evaluation of the second interview I felt that I had reasonable interviewing skills. The staff [BlackRock volunteers] indicated points that I need to work on. Thank you.”


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