A Leader in Food Justice: Emily Silman, Volunteer of the Month

Emily Silman Nutrition and food justice have always been important issues to Emily Silman. So when she went to a food politics conference at Columbia University and saw Met Council’s kosher food network booth, she decided she wanted to get involved.

“It was the first time I’d heard of a Jewish-focused food charity in New York City,” Emily recalls, “and I loved hearing that they took care of hungry Jewish New Yorkers, especially those who keep kosher.”

Fitting with her interests, Emily earned her stripes as a volunteer by handing out fresh chickens for 6 hours during the Passover Food Distribution event for families who have been victims of domestic violence. The Volunteer Department was so impressed with her commitment (not just anyone would hand out chicken for 6 hours) that she was quickly invited to become a volunteer leader for the Senior Lunch Program.

Since that time, Emily has staffed groups of volunteers once a month to serve hot kosher meals to low income seniors at a Met Council housing site. As a volunteer leader, Emily’s responsibilities include supervising volunteers, teaching them about Met Council, as well as ensuring that the lunch program runs smoothly and effectively.

“It’s great to be able to introduce people to Met Council for the first time,” said Emily. “Most of the volunteers from the groups I work with are new to Met Council, but as soon as they hear what we do and volunteer with us for the first time they say “I want to come back!””

In addition to leading volunteers, Emily has also taken a leadership role as an active member of the MVP Planning Committee, which steers a group of dedicated and motivated young professional who are committed to Met Council’s mission of fighting poverty in New York City.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Emily has ensured that Met Council clients gain access to the services they need to fight poverty and hunger in New York City.


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