Sandwich Shoppe Event!

Sandwich Shoppe Pic On Sunday, February 27th, the Young Professional Group (YPG) of Park Avenue Synagogue teamed up Met Council in holding a Sandwich Shoppe at our E 61st Street senior housing site. This was YPG’s first volunteer project as a group and what a fabulous way to debut their philanthropic efforts!

At the program, the volunteers were assigned specific roles so that everything ran smoothly and all attendees were accounted for. One person greeted the residents as they walked in, while other volunteers were assigned the roles of wait staff, servers, and/or ‘socializers.’ The residents were greeted with a warm welcome by one of the volunteer’s children, who gave residents a menu as they walked in. The wait staff then took their sandwich orders, which were then given to the servers to make the sandwiches.
Constant conversation took place between the volunteers and residents, as well as among the residents themselves. Not only were we providing a free meal for the residents, but this was a great way to foster a sense of community in our pursuit of strengthening the relationships among the residents.
Based on the feedback of the volunteers and residents, the event was a huge success!

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