Jody and Eric Steinhardt – Serving dinners on their anniversary!

Senior Lunch - Jody's Anniversary 025 Some couples go out to dinner for their anniversary; instead, Jody and Eric Steinhardt served dinner to low income seniors for their 23rd wedding anniversary.

Jody, a Met Council employee, along with her husband, Eric, have been volunteering at Met Council’s Senior Lunch Program monthly since the program first began. When they both realized that they were scheduled to volunteer during their anniversary, they embraced it as an opportunity.

“We both decided that there was no better way to celebrate our anniversary than giving back,” said Eric as he took a break from plating Salisbury steak for the residents.

As a surprise for Jody, Eric covertly ordered a cake for their anniversary to give to her at the end of the program to share with the residents. After the surprise was sprung and Jody and Eric were thanked for their outstanding dedication, everybody enjoyed a piece of cake together in celebration.

Thank you to Eric and Jody for their continuing dedication and commitment to Met Council. It meant so much to the volunteer department that you chose to celebrate your 23 years together with us! We wish you many more happy years to come!


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