Mock Interview Workshop with Metropolitan Moms

DSCN1244 Even with the snow and muck on January 26, 2011, Metropolitan Moms and Met Council’s clients came out to participate in our Mock Interview Workshop. This was the second part of a two part workshop that Metropolitan Moms took part in to prepare Met Council clients for their continued job searches. Each client came with two different job postings for which to interview for and each Metropolitan Mom volunteer interviewed two different clients. This format gave clients the opportunity to practice interviewing for two different positions and to also receive feedback on their interviewing skills from two different interviewers!

Client Feedback:
“It was worth coming out in the snow. Both the interviewers gave me positive ways to go about getting that job. This was a great experience.”
“I am really very happy that I met Olive today because she opened my mind and my view on how to respond on questions during an interview. It was really very helpful for developing my confidence in an interview.”
Volunteer Feedback:
“Both women were very receptive and open to the mock interview. One woman I feel like I was really able to help and offer her sound advice.”
“Great great set up and execution. It is amazing to offer women this wonderful opportunity to help them with their resumes and interview skills; a true mitzvah to give them the confidence and a safe place to enhance their skills. I truly think the sessions have been incredibly organized and they have been extremely useful to the women using them.”

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