NY Cares Mock Interview Workshop

Even with the snow storm scare, Met Council Clients and NY Cares volunteers came out after work to have a fun and useful Mock Interview Workshop. Each client brings two copies of their resume as well as a copy of a job posting that they are qualified for to the workshop. The interviewers then use this posting to interview the clients so they can get real interview experience with productive feedback at the end of the session. The volunteers and clients are separated as they enter so it will be as real an experience as possible, one never knows who will be interviewing them, and they come together at the end of the evening to talk about their experience. Both the volunteers and the clients talked about their impressions and feelings on this tough subject of getting back into the swing of interviewing and how best to market one’s skills and personality to be considered a real candidate for the job one is interviewing for. The energy at the end of the evening was high and everyone seemed to have had a meaningful experience.

Feedback from evaluations and phone calls:

Client: Thank you for a memorable evening, it was very very well organized and it was very informative, it was good, it reinforced again what I believed all along. Thank you.

Client: I have to say that this workshop helped me a lot to fix some of my problems that I have when I come to an interview. I could recognize some of my weaknesses in an interview, which from now on my interviews should be better. They also saw some errors on my resume which I will fix. This will help me in the job search progress.

Volunteer: I love this workshop. The candidates are highly motivated, competent and intelligent. They did not break character and really appreciated our feedback at the end.

Volunteer: I liked the workshop today. The environment is great. As an employer I sent lots of questions and I think the members have practiced a lot of interview skills. I am very satisfied with this workshop. The first participant performed well. She has a direct goal and knows what to do in the future.

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