Food for Passover

passover food packages Passover can be a very expensive holiday, especially for single mothers with a large family to feed. That’s why Met Council’s Family Violence Services, a program for victims of domestic violence, distributed over 140 food packages to our women and children clients to help cut expenses during the holidays.

Our hard-working volunteers unpacked and handed out over three tons of food, helped the women carry the bags – laden with matzah, grape juice, apple juice, tomato sauce, tuna, oil, chicken – and cleaned up the facility, all the while treating our clients with a great deal of dignity and respect. Thanks to their diligent efforts, Met Council was able to assist over 900 women and children this Passover holiday.

Shana Frydman, the director of Family Violence Services, praised the effectiveness and value of our volunteers. “The program ran smoothly, the clients were treated with incredible respect, and the volunteers were both thoughtful and truly helpful,” said Frydman.

The dignity of our volunteers was also noted by Yehudis Robinson, the director of Sister to Sister whose family clients were also served on Sunday. “Volunteers,” she said, “helped run a most efficient, professional yet warm distribution yesterday. Everything ran so smoothly and beautifully and we were able to help so many families go into the holidays with true happiness and a sense of self worth.”


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