This Year’s Volunteer of the Year: Steven Cohen Next Year’s: ______

StevenCohenA couple of years ago, Steve Cohen happened to attend a meeting at the West End Synagogue and ended up coming up with the name we know and love: “Met Council.”

Cohen was very much impressed by the way Ilene Marcus— Met Council’s chief of staff—spoke of her organization and its mission at the meeting. Soon enough, he became a star volunteer.

Using his experience in marketing and advertising, Steve Cohen was able to completely redesign a promotional brochure. In addition, he worked with the staff of the then Metropolitan Council of New York to identify the organization as Met Council—a name more catchy and less of a mouthful.

Recently honored at a Met Council Event, Steve states, “I receive enormous pleasure in assisting people in any small capacity… This work gives me tremendous emotional satisfaction.”

Steven Cohen Is definitely a busy guy. Yet, he took some time out of his day to help out. Won’t you? Just like him, you can make a major difference through your skills and talents. Volunteer today and get something immeasurable in return.

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