Devin meets Met Council Clients

Executive For A Day May 2007 Earlier this week I was able to listen in on a presentation Met Council staff and clients were giving to UJA-Federation. It was very nice to hear the testimonies of a few of the people this organization helps. One man, a recent immigrant from Uzbekistan, was able to master the English language and become a Registered Nurse through Met Council’s nurse training course. Though he was a neurologist in his home country, this man worked full time during the day, and went to school and studied at night in order to pass the New York State nursing test and obtain his necessary qualifications. I was also able to hear from a couple of senior citizen residents from one of Met Council’s affordable housing buildings on W. 61st street. Both ladies were very appreciative and thankful for the low-cost rent, only $647, as well as the superb facilities, programs, and neighborhood that surrounds them. As I escorted them downstairs to return home, one of the women asked what I did. When I explained to her that I just did general office stuff and worked on a variety of projects, nothing seemingly too important or daunting in my eyes, she corrected me, noting that even I was making a difference in hers and other Met Council’s clients’ lives. Working in the offices all day, sometimes it is difficult to imagine or comprehend the tangible assistance and help that I, and especially the rest of Met Council is doing for all New Yorkers. Learning about the experiences of some clients gave me a renewed sense of purpose and duty. Though I may only be filing, writing, and doing research, by doing my small part, I am making a difference in fighting poverty in New York City. Of that, I am now sure.


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