Devin’s Summer Internship Experience

Hi my name is Devin, and I am a summer intern at Met Council. I have lived most of my life in the shadow of the Big Apple in Westchester, New York, and currently attend Northwestern University outside Chicago.

Given that it is my second year working on Maiden Lane, many people ask me why I chose to work at the same organization two summers in a row. It comes down to the uniqueness and importance of Met Council and its mission. I was researching, writing, and of course, doing a little bit of office work. But most of all, I felt I was making a difference- aiding in Met Council’s goals and initiatives. I can tell you almost everything there is to know about the Federal Poverty Guidelines, and ethanol’s impact of food prices.

I am able to describe to you the fantastic and successful programs which Met Council operates, helping all sorts of New Yorkers with a wide range of problems and issues. If I learned and contributed so much, why would I come back?
Two reasons:

  • First, the people here are a pleasure to work with. They are kind and dedicated to Met Council and to ending poverty in New York City.
  • Even more, the greatest thing that I took from my experiences here last summer was that there is always more to be done, to learn, and to improve. I returned to continue what I started, especially in the current economic climate.

Throughout the summer I will keep you updated on what I am doing, learning and how I feel about the whole thing. I hope you will follow me this summer as I intern at Met Council.


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