One of our Tenants turns 101 !

101 Scott Stringer, president of Manhattan Borough proclaimed it Max Hirshhorn Day!







101 2 Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal presented Max with birthday flowers









101 embroidery  One of the other residents made an embroidery pattern especially for Max







101 cake  Met Council volunteer dept. present the cake to Max







max 101 Max Hirshhorn, a Met Council tenant in one of our Manhattan housing sites, celebrated his 101st birthday last week. With the help of our volunteers, the volunteer department threw him a festive birthday celebration with many guests, including one tenant who volunteered to play his guitar and sing, and of course many other tenants, and members of his family. There were also two special guests who came especially to wish Max Happy Birthday. Scott Stringer, president of the Manhattan borough, presented Max with a Proclamation announcing that July 17, 2008 was Max Hirshhorn Day in Manhattan. Additionally, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, brought Max beautiful flowers to congratulate him. The party ended with a raffle for the guests and of course, cake and ice cream! Thank you everyone who helped in this great event and we wish Max many more healthy and happy years to come.

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