Students from Florida Buy Groceries for Families in Borough Park

april 08  Rabbi Kaufman of Borough Park thanking and speaking to the students in front of the JCC of Borough Park.







april 08 2

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes of the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School of Jacksonville, Florida take a field trip each year and this year it was New York City. The classes often participate in mitzvah projects throughout the year by buying groceries for struggling families in their community. During their visit in Borough Park, a heavily concentrated Jewish area in Brooklyn, they wanted to once again complete another Mitzvah Project and help provide food for families. With the help of the JCC of Borough Park, they were able to shop for two specific families. The students began shopping in the neighborhood and spent over $500 on groceries and household items. They then delivered the items to the JCC of Borough Park where the director, Rabbi Kauffman greeted and thanked them for their wonderful mitzvah. Because these students took two hours of their vacation and a little money from their spending money to help others, two struggling families out there can worry a little bit less this month about providing for their families. Thank you again to the middle school classes of Martin J. Gottlieb Day School for their generous support. We hope that your NYC trip was not only a fun experience, but also a meaningful one.

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