An 11th Birthday Celebration of Volunteer Service

bday 003  Leilah’s guests decorated wine glasses that were later given to residents of our low income housing sites.


Instead of birthday gifts, Leilah asked her guests to bring in kosher food to be donated to Met Council.

Leilah Rozen of NYC celebrated her 11th birthday this past Sunday in such a unique and giving way. Rather than having a birthday party for her and her friends, she decided to host a volunteer project. She requested that instead of her friends bringing birthday gifts for her, she asked if they would bring $10 worth of kosher food. With over 25 of her classmates attending, they collected lots of pasta, tuna, and other bday 011non perishable items and were able to make 30 food packages. Along with the food, the students also made cards to go along with the food packages. In addition, the students each decorated two wine glasses, one for themselves, and one to be donated to Met Council. We hope the experience was not only fun, but also a learning experience for the children. Thank you to Suzan Rosen, mother of Leilah, who worked with Met Council in coordinating the event, and also another special thank you to Leilah for thinking of those who are in need on her birthday.

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